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    by Ian

    Hi guys, sorry for the slow updates on the blog. We are currently working on another projects that we will reveal soon here. Meanwhile, we would love to share the pre-wedding session of Xan & Natalie that we took in Santorini and Prague.

    Both Xan & Natalie have set their eyes on Santorini and Prague as they fell in love with those two cities instantly and couldn’t decide which one to let go. We were excited too as it was our first trip to both cities. The two cities have a very distinct characteristic. Santorini the tiny Greek island in the Aegean sea boast the majestic oceanic view, ubiquitous blue dome churches, caves houses and spectacular sunset. Nothing can quite describe how beautiful the place is. Prague, in the other hand, is an magical city filled wtih historical sites such as bridges, cathedrals, gold-tipped towers. Magical somewhat mysterious, you will surely be charmed by its fairytale atmosphere. It’s easy to see why Xan & Natalie fell in love with those cities.

    So here are some of my favorite photos. To Xan & Natalie, thank you for the adventure and for the good time we had exploring Santorini and Prague. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming wedding!


    Ian & Irene

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