Rio + Vince | Why We Love

    by Ian

    Here something to brighten your week. There are some reasons why we love Rio and Vince, our Melbourne-based couple.

    First, they have great personalities. Rio can be cool and goofy at the same time, while Vince is a lovely girl with the kindest heart. Second, they add personal touch to the photo shoot by adding their own writings to the props that we designed for them.

    Also, they went extra miles to find perfect photo location. Vince is always very fond of flowers & gardening. She even grows her own backyard garden in Melbourne. That’s why she would really love to have her photos taken in canola field. Both of them went on canola hunt for about a month before the photoshoot took place. It was a bit drizzling when we reached there, so we quickly jumped from the car and I started to shoot like mad! It was really fun and we all had a good laugh.

    Thank you Rio & Vince for the good times we had and for hosting us while we’re in Melbourne. I hope when you look at these photos you’ll be reminded on why do you love and continue to fall in love for each other. Can’t wait to see you two on your wedding day!

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