We came out with this FRAMED idea while being good tourists who explore every famous corner of Sydney mainly on foot. This frame, which was a part of Hendra & Siska’s pre-wedding shots, has a story behind which we can’t reveal until we release the whole series of their photos. We don’t want be a spoiler so we’ll keep our lips sealed until January 2010, after their wedding. :)

    It was a pretty challenging and exciting experience to ask people on the street to pose for us. Some of people rejected us with a very suspicious look when we approached them, maybe they thought we were asking for charity.. or we were some con-artists.. or maybe they thought it was a part of Candid Camera show. Possible. However, there were warm and kind people who happily did us the favor. Their lovely faces are attached below.

    To all of them, thank you so much for participating in this project. Too bad we had to rush that time so we couldn’t get more people to be FRAMED, but we will continue it in the future.


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