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    Baby Everette | Family Time By The Lake

    Thank you Valerie and family for trusting us to capture this beautiful moments.

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    Jason + Sing Yun | One Fine Day at The Beach

    by Ian

    Thank you Jason and Sing Yun for a pleasant photo session. Keep in touch!

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    Sean’s Day Out

    by Ian

    This post is special.

    Jason & Singyun was one of our first clients whom we had the privilege to shoot for, both on their pre-wedding session and wedding day. Soon afterwards they moved to Essen, Germany and we haven’t heard from them ever since. So imagine our excitement when they contacted us to shoot for their family photos in Essen!

    What’s more, we get to meet the cutest little Sean who was just started to walk. When we brought him to the park with his new walking toy, he was unstoppable! He was so excited to walk and he was unseparable with his new toy. He has that cutest smile that made you fell in love with him right away.

    Thank you Jason & Singyun for your kind hospitality, for the short tour around the city and most of all, for inviting us to capture your beautiful little family!

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    Charles + Suzana | One Day At The Anderson’s

    by Ian

    Meet Suzana and Charles. The American expats have stayed in Jakarta for two years and will soon be moving to Philippines for work.

    One day Suzana called to arrange a photo session at their home as they would like to capture it for keepsake before leaving town. As soon as I stepped into their house, I was amazed by how their home is beautifully decorated with exquisite furnitures, some handpicked and ordered from Jepara! Both of them have excellent taste and appreciation for the finest.

    It was so happened that we had the photoshoot on Thanksgiving Day and they extended their hospitality to us with sumptuous dinner accompanied by great conversation and Jazzy tunes (Interestingly, Charles is a Jazz musicians). We truly enjoyed the time spent with these great people.

    Thank you so much Charles and Suzana for the wonderful session! We wish you all the best for your next adventure! :)


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    Ash + Monika | S’Wonderful

    Meet Ash and Monika, a newlywed who made our Saturday s’wonderful.

    Ash lived in London and Monika in New York, so for 2 years they were in long-distance relationship until they decided to move to sunny Singapore and got hitched.Thanks to their best friend, Christine, who introduced us, we had a lovely time getting to know them and taking their portraits. The weather was great and they seemed to enjoy themselves, it was indeed a perfect day.

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    Baby Kayla’s Birthday

    We surely can’t get enough of Kayla, the cutest baby ever. When she turned 1 year old, her parents decided to throw her a party! It was a lovely Sunday afternoon where friends were gathered around, family were having quality time, kids were busy lining up for face and body painting, and the balloon twister being the most popular guy that day. We’re really glad that we’re invited and trusted to capture the fun moments. Enjoy the photos!

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    Baby Kenzo

    Remember Cecil? We had her pregnancy photo shoot last year and a week after the session she gave birth to a handsome baby boy, Kenzo. Glad that we were able to immortalize Cecil’s best look during her pregnancy ;)

    When little Kenzo turned 6 months old, we had a pleasure of taking his photographs at his home, where he feels most comfortable. Taking baby’s pictures could be challenging, thank God Kenzo was really in his best mood, all cute and smiley as you can see below. More photos of Kenzo to come as we’re expecting to shoot his first anniversary as well. Can’t wait to see this cute little prince growing up.


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    Marvel + Thomas

    This photos remind me of why I love shooting portraits. Just look at the expression of this 3-year old Marvel, while playing with his Thomas. Priceless! We had so much fun with him, his laugh is contagious!

    Due to rain, we didn’t have much time to shoot and we could only do it in one location. Luckily we have enough shots and I like how it turns out. I will take his photos again in January, with his little sister, Melvelyn. Looking forward to it!

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    We came out with this FRAMED idea while being good tourists who explore every famous corner of Sydney mainly on foot. This frame, which was a part of Hendra & Siska’s pre-wedding shots, has a story behind which we can’t reveal until we release the whole series of their photos. We don’t want be a spoiler so we’ll keep our lips sealed until January 2010, after their wedding. :)

    It was a pretty challenging and exciting experience to ask people on the street to pose for us. Some of people rejected us with a very suspicious look when we approached them, maybe they thought we were asking for charity.. or we were some con-artists.. or maybe they thought it was a part of Candid Camera show. Possible. However, there were warm and kind people who happily did us the favor. Their lovely faces are attached below.

    To all of them, thank you so much for participating in this project. Too bad we had to rush that time so we couldn’t get more people to be FRAMED, but we will continue it in the future.

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    Summer in Adelaide

    During my stay in Adelaide, we were itching to shoot so we asked Kim to be our model for the day. It was a pleasure to shoot such a lovely and charming girl. I swear she could have been a real model. Thanks Kim for doing us the favor!

    We shot it at Glenelg, a famous beach in Adelaide. It is a great location for couples who are looking for pre-wedding shoot at the beach. The weather was freezing cold and windy that time. We were shivering while shooting but Kim looked totally cool about it. Thanks again Kim!

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