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    The Meierhofers

    I gotta say I lost words to describe how wonderful this family is. They’ve been Swiss family expatriate for more than 10 years in many different continents, now they are living in Singapore.

    Jasmine, the beautiful and free-spirited mom, and Andrea, the handsome and charming dad, are blessed with 4 beautiful children. Each of them has their own hobbies. The eldest is Julius, the shy and handsome boy. He does fencing and soccer. His mom call him ‘the little prince’, well he does look like the character from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book :)  The eldest daughter is sweet and calm Amandine, she plays piano and loves tap dance, her mom calls her ‘the little angel’. Then there are the cutest twins, Joon & Aloysia. At first they were shy and afraid of these two strangers (us), but after few shots they just loved to be in the camera. The twins are funny, really active, loves ballet, swimming, and always together. I love it when they speak french, unbelievably adorable.

    We visited their beautiful home at Sentosa, and it wowed me. It really resembles an art gallery! I’ve never seen so many paintings (Jasmine did some paintings too) and sculptures as many as in their home. Even the bed frames, the chairs, and other furniture are pieces of art. It is incredibly random and full of culture from every continent in the world, some of the rare vintage items was found by Jasmine when she visited New York flea market! I could spend the whole day just mesmerizing every artwork in their home, too bad we had to work.

    It’s a beautiful day with the bohemian family, they love to travel (they’ve never stayed more than 2 years in one country), they love to learn different culture, and they enjoy life a lot! Such an inspiring family and it’s a joy to know them. Hope you’ll enjoy their photos too.

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    Kevin + Suzanna’s Family

    Kevin & Suzanna are one of the happiest family I’ve met. Not only they’re in love with each other, they are also blessed with two very bright daughters: Emma & Sophia. I remember Emma, the eldest, came to me and start poking my belly, she actually intended to point the cherries motifs on my shirt, and in her very cute voice (imagine Agnes from Despicable Me) she shouted, “Cherry!”. So innocently cute till I have to struggle not to bring her home hahaha.

    There was a time when the grandmom, I called her auntie, took Emma in her lap and started to sing a lullaby with her beautiful voice. It melted me.

    So here you go, enjoy the love of Kevin & Suzanna’s happy family.

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    Baby Kayla

    Look at how cute this little angel, Kayla!

    It was a clear sunny day when we had this session in Singapore. The moment Kayla’s out from her trolley she stopped crying. Instead, she was fascinated by the gigantic trees in front of her and then she began to smile. Looks like she was born to be a nature lover!

    The gorgeous parents, Patricia and Ivan, were having fun too as they brought their mini schnauzer, Cola, to play. They really had prepared everything well so that their pretty baby would feel comfortable. With Kayla being in great mood and the weather was on our side, the session went unbelievably smooth. It finished just in time before she fell asleep. People said that babies are angels sent from heaven. Looking at Kayla make us believe it’s true :)

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    Baby Zack

    What’s not to like about babies? They’re all cute and adorable! They truly are the most precious gift from God :)

    Meet Zack, 2-months old handsome baby boy who stole our hearts. The happy mom, dad and grandma do a lot of things to lighten his mood up, and we must say that it worked. So, enjoy the pictures.

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    Marvel + Thomas

    This photos remind me of why I love shooting portraits. Just look at the expression of this 3-year old Marvel, while playing with his Thomas. Priceless! We had so much fun with him, his laugh is contagious!

    Due to rain, we didn’t have much time to shoot and we could only do it in one location. Luckily we have enough shots and I like how it turns out. I will take his photos again in January, with his little sister, Melvelyn. Looking forward to it!

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    Dear Princess-to-be

    Last week we went to shoot Shine’s maternity in her place. Shine currently is 8 months pregnant of a baby girl, so you can see her tummy has grown so big. Amazingly, Shine doesn’t gain that much. in fact if you cover her tummy, you won’t even realize that she is pregnant! Joshua, her husband, is a very caring and gentle man. During the photo shoot he kept caressing Shine’s tummy, I guess he can’t wait to see his pretty baby girl born.

    We wanted to try something different than other maternity photos, so we asked our good friend, a very talented young artist, Eudora Rusli, to help us draw an illustration of a baby girl. So here’s the final photo, I hope they like how it turns out.

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    Pattie + Amz (Part II)

    After ahectic week, I finally have time to upload the second part of Pattie n Amz. Hope you guys like the snaps. :)

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    Pattie + Amz (Part I)

    This weekend we went to shoot Pattie and her lovely daughter, Amz, at the playground near their house. It is the place where Pattie always bring Amz to play with the neighborhood kids, so we thought that could be the best location to capture their quality time. And it works! they seemed to enjoy themselves, even without much directions. Stay tuned while I’m working on the Part II

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