Andrew + Jane | Defining Happiness

    by Ian

    This was the most unforgettable trip I had in 2012.

    I’ve been to both London and Paris before yet I never realized how beautiful they are in Autumn. The autumn leaves fell melancholically, adding a romantic sense to the atmosphere, especially in Paris, the city of love.

    Andrew and Jane are huge fans of Chelsea. So when they heard that team would be playing against Manchester United in London, they instantly decided to have their pre-wedding shoot in London. In fact right after our photo shoot, they immediately scooted off to Stamford Bridge stadium to watch the game.

    Having photo shoot with them was like going on a holiday with friends. We took a trip around the city of London and took photos at every nice spots we could find. Thanks to the permitting weather in London, unfortunately not so with Paris. The temperature had dropped and Jane and Andrew were down with flu and fever as soon as we arrived. Thank God, after a day of rest they were fully recharged and able to dance through the photo shoot despite the freezing weather. Hats off to both of them! After the photo shoot, I, too was down with fever and had to stay in hotel for the rest of my trip in Paris.

    Aside from the fever, we had the pleasure of getting to know both of them and had so much fun during the shoot. Congratulations to Jane & Andrew who has now sealed their love in marriage. Here’s to life full of happiness!

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