Alex + Tiffany | Wedding Day

    by Ian

    Hey guys, I’m excited to share this lovely wedding of Alex & Tiffany. It was one sunny day with clearest sky in Perth, Australia, when this wonderful and awesome couple exchanged their vows in front of friends and family.
    Even though we have never met Alex & Tiffany in person before the wedding, the moment we saw them we clicked right away! We are happy to be part of their celebration of love.

    The morning started with the much anticipated gate crash session. I have seen many hilarious stunts that the grooms performed, but what cracked me most was the fact Alex & his groomsmen did a Lion Dance complete with the Lion costume. It was a joyous sight!
    Thank you Alex & Tiffany for your hospitality during our stay and please extend our gratitude to your wonderful family. We felt so pampered!

    Now, hope you enjoy the photos.

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