Introducing Leon

    When you meet someone whose passion is in sync with you, it is almost immediate that you click with him/her. That exactly what happened with us and Leon. He joined us a year ago and had shown a great talent in telling a story through pictures. His practice of seeing things differently, not just as it is but what it could represents, had shaped his belief that there’s beauty in everyone and everything even the smallest detail or the simplest moment. His pictures are honest and sharp. Also being smart, friendly, and funny adds up to his strength points. It was just a matter of time before we proudly introduce him as one of our main photographer, and now seems like a perfect time.

    So, without further ado, here is Leon. Be sure to check out our website/facebook for more interesting and brilliant works from him.

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    Leon + Eunice’s Wedding Day

    by Ian

    After shooting for their awesome pre-wedding in Melbourne, I was looking forward to capture their wedding day in Singapore.

    These two aren’t your everyday couple. They are stylish, loud & quirky. They are the only couple I know who walked down the aisle with their sunglasses on (it is just natural, given the fact that they both are avid specs collecters). Just looking at their chosen wedding theme, marine hipster, you know you’re in for a hella good time.

    Here are some of my favourite photos from their awesome wedding. It was such a fun, relax, hip wedding that everyone enjoyed. Love it so much!

    To Leon & Eunice, thank you so much for your trust and friendship. Here’s to the happy beginnings! Cheers!

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    Bride Story

    Dear all Bride-to-be,

    we’re excited to tell you about Bridestory.com! it’s a newly launched Indonesia’s wedding vendor directory that has taken social media by storm. Although they have only been operated for few months but they are quickly become the lead in Indonesia’s digital wedding market.

    I have started to build my own profile there and was impressed on how easy the navigation of the site are. If you are planning a wedding or want to find an inspiration for your wedding or other pretty things, make sure you check out their site.

    Oh and you can check out my profile and portfolio in Bridestory by clicking the button on the bottom of this blog.

    Leon + Eunice | You Make My Heart Pop

    by Ian

    What’s not to love about this stylish, ultra cool, and authentic couple.

    Leon works as an editor in a global advertising agency while Eunice works as a producer in MTV, so you can imagine the cool trendy vibe they both have.

    Some other facts that make this couple unique; One, their obsession for specs and glasses (seriously they have tons!). Two, they both are into pop art and pop culture. Three, they want their photos to be playful and casual, instead of the usual prim and proper photo shoot. Just from those 3 things, I know we’ll have fun shooting for them.

    We went to Melbourne, which is a perfect location for their cool, vibrant & quirky personalities. I love that they both were so comfortable in front of camera. At times they don’t even need me to direct them, they were just being themselves thus my job become so much easier haha.

    They recently tied the knot with a hipster-marine theme wedding. It was awesome! I can’t wait to share their wedding photos! Congrats again to the newlywed!

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    Sean’s Day Out

    by Ian

    This post is special.

    Jason & Singyun was one of our first clients whom we had the privilege to shoot for, both on their pre-wedding session and wedding day. Soon afterwards they moved to Essen, Germany and we haven’t heard from them ever since. So imagine our excitement when they contacted us to shoot for their family photos in Essen!

    What’s more, we get to meet the cutest little Sean who was just started to walk. When we brought him to the park with his new walking toy, he was unstoppable! He was so excited to walk and he was unseparable with his new toy. He has that cutest smile that made you fell in love with him right away.

    Thank you Jason & Singyun for your kind hospitality, for the short tour around the city and most of all, for inviting us to capture your beautiful little family!

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    Bernard + Jessica | Through The Seasons

    by Ian

    Bernard & Jessica has almost opposite character & personalities. Bernard is the extrovert, fun and easygoing, while Jessica is the introvert one, she tends to keep it to herself. But instead of getting them into a disagreement, it become the reason why they are strong together as a couple. Whenever she is feeling a little low, he will always be there to cheer her up. When he feels anxious, she’s the one to calm him down. They acknowledge their differences and it made them even closer. They complete each other.

    The season theme is actually inspired by Jessica’s dream of winter wedding theme. It was Summer when we reach Queenstown, fortunately there were some spots that still covered in snow. So to pull the winter theme we went shooting on top of glacier at Mt Cook. Such an amazing view! I was a little bit nervous back then, cause we were standing on the frozen lake and some part of it wasn’t a firm iced. Glad everything went well.

    Thank you Bernard & Jessica for the amazing experience in Queenstown. May your love continue to grow through all the seasons of life.

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    Calvin + Ceinlys | Where It Begins

    by Ian

    We’re excited to finally share you this sets of prewedding photos we took awhile ago for Calvin & Ceinlys in US.

    It’s interesting how our path crossed, given the fact they both are from Hongkong, they found out about us and decided to engage our service only through Skype chat. Their bold move led us to an awesome adventure in San Fransisco and a beautiful friendship afterwards.

    We did a photo clip based on how they met, just watch the video!

    Here’s to the cheerful, cute, funny and daring couple, Calvin & Ceinlys! Thank you for trusting us and for the fun photo session back in SF. Hope to see you guys soon!

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    Rio + Vince | Wedding Day

    by Ian

    Here’s some of my favourite shots from Rio & Vince’s wedding reception that was held in Jakarta few months ago.

    We had a great time shooting for their pre-wedding photos in Melbourne, which you can view the photos here.

    Thank you Rio & Vince, for trusting us! We’re privilege to know you guys. Keep in touch!

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    Brian + Tania | Lovestruck

    by Ian

    We love this awesome couple! Not only they are generous, caring, easy going, and fun to be with, but they also share the same passion of food with us! I didn’t feel like being on assignment at all, I felt like I was going on a trip with friends.

    Starbucks has more meaning than just their favourite drinks. In the beginning of their relationship, Brian used to drove all the way from Karawaci (suburb of Jakarta) where he stayed to Tania’s house in Jakarta just to bring her favourite drink from Starbucks. So whenever Tania sees Starbucks, it reminds her of Brian and how much he loves her. Isn’t it sweet? Of course we had to include it in the photoshoot as props!

    Thank you Brian & Tania for your kindness, for being the best travel companion, and for your trust in us! Hope to catch up with you guys soon!

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