Kai Yee + Daphnie | I Married Adventure

    by Ian

    When I met Daphne & Kai Yee, I knew we are going to have an adventure. Although l didn’t expect our trip would be this fun.

    Both of them are very busy professionals. The only time we can meet them o discuss the preparation of the photoshoot is between 6 to 10am. After that hour, they will be so occupied until late at night. They work hard, but as the saying goes “Work hard, play hard”. They clearly know how to live up to it.

    Daphne is a cheerful girl who brings sunshine wherever she goes. Kai Yee is a patient and kind hearted guy who will go all out to make Daphne happy. I can see they both are a perfect match from the way Kai Yee calmed Daphne when she’s nervous and Daphne brings smile to Kai Yee and make him the happiest man. They treated each other with such respect and love.

    During the shoot, initially we didn’t plan to went up the Remarkables mountain but when he proposed the idea at the spot, they were quick to jump at it. I love the spontaneity of Daphnie and Kai Yee! They are always up for new adventures. We took a heli ride to went up the mountain and the view was absolutely stunning. This is something you must do if you’re in Queenstown. It was a breathtaking sight!

    Thank you Daphne & Kai Yee for trusting us completely, for the fun road trip, for the great company of you and your brother, and most of all for your bright spirit and smiles. We wish you a wonderful adventure as you begin your new life together.

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    Rio + Vince | Why We Love

    by Ian

    Here something to brighten your week. There are some reasons why we love Rio and Vince, our Melbourne-based couple.

    First, they have great personalities. Rio can be cool and goofy at the same time, while Vince is a lovely girl with the kindest heart. Second, they add personal touch to the photo shoot by adding their own writings to the props that we designed for them.

    Also, they went extra miles to find perfect photo location. Vince is always very fond of flowers & gardening. She even grows her own backyard garden in Melbourne. That’s why she would really love to have her photos taken in canola field. Both of them went on canola hunt for about a month before the photoshoot took place. It was a bit drizzling when we reached there, so we quickly jumped from the car and I started to shoot like mad! It was really fun and we all had a good laugh.

    Thank you Rio & Vince for the good times we had and for hosting us while we’re in Melbourne. I hope when you look at these photos you’ll be reminded on why do you love and continue to fall in love for each other. Can’t wait to see you two on your wedding day!

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    Andy + Lanny | Wedding Day

    by Ian

    Remember Andy & Lanny’s fun pre-wedding photos that we took in Melbourne last year? Few months after, we flew back to Melbourne to be part of their wedding ceremony which was held in the church where they are rooted and grew together for years.

    After the ceremony, the thoughtful couple ushered their guests to a buffet lunch spread and entertained them with a cute animated video of their funny love story.

    The day went really well. I could see everyone’s happiness through their bright smiles. It was really a joyful day for everyone. The happiness is indeed infectious!

    Thank you Andy & Lanny for trusting us to capture your happiest day. We are grateful for you and your friendship.

    Stay tune for their wedding reception in Jakarta.

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    Ahai + Philia | Finding My Way To You

    by Deddy

    Ricky + Dessy | No Barriers

    by Ian

    “If two people are connected at the heart, it doesn’t matter what they do or where they live. There will be no barriers if they are destined to be together”

    I feel that this phrase best describes Ricky & Dessy.

    Ricky met Dessy back in highschool. It took him a while to win her heart as she wasn’t interested in him at first, but she eventually fell for his charm. Their premature relationship only lasted for 6 months before they parted their ways to further their studies. Ricky went to Sydney, while Dessy to Melbourne and Beijing.

    It seemed that their story could have ended there, yet one day, as fate would have it, Ricky went to Beijing for business trip and contacted Dessy. Not too long after that, Dessy went back Jakarta for good and they were reunited. Ricky knew he will never let her go again.

    Being a photographer herself, Dessy requested to have her photos uniquely executed. So we came up with this idea of Ricky and her captured at different places, showing that they were separated by distance and had separated lives like they used to have. When one of them jumps over the “barriers” they are finally united, since then their lives become sweeter each day.

    We had a great time shooting their pre-wedding photos in Sydney. Although the weather wasn’t very accommodating (windy, cold, and drizzling almost the whole day), but thank God we managed to get great shots, especially at Sydney Opera House under such freezing weather.

    The gorgeous couple just tied the knot last weekend, congrats Ricky & Dessy and thank you the unforgettable experience in Sydney.

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    Brian + Imelda | Sweet Promises

    by Ian

    You know you will have a good time when you spend a day with couple like Brian & Imelda, who are kind-hearted and very much in love.

    Brian & Imelda was introduced to us by Imelda’s childhood friend, Santi, who engaged us as her wedding and pre-wedding photographer a while ago. Even before we met, I knew a little bit of their story from Santi who once brought Imelda to her church’s weekly gathering. Imelda showed up at the gathering without knowing that day was the day she met Brian, the love of her life. While for Brian it was love at first sight, but of course being a gentleman he kept it cool and took a slow-but-sure move to win the pretty lady’s heart.

    The props we designed for them was actually inspired by the promises they made to each other. Those promises were made public last month as they took a vow in front of their families and friends at their beautiful Bali wedding.

    Thank you Brian & Imelda for trusting us to capture your story and letting us to be part of your wedding day. Hope you had a wonderful time exploring Europe :)

    Stay tuned for their upcoming wedding photos.

    Make up by Ike Riani Hartono
    Hairpieces by Shill

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    Europe Trip

    Charles + Suzana | One Day At The Anderson’s

    by Deddy

    Meet Suzana and Charles. The American expats have stayed in Jakarta for two years and will soon be moving to Philippines for work.

    One day Suzana called to arrange a photo session at their home as they would like to capture it for keepsake before leaving town. As soon as I stepped into their house, I was amazed by how their home is beautifully decorated with exquisite furnitures, some handpicked and ordered from Jepara! Both of them have excellent taste and appreciation for the finest.

    It was so happened that we had the photoshoot on Thanksgiving Day and they extended their hospitality to us with sumptuous dinner accompanied by great conversation and Jazzy tunes (Interestingly, Charles is a Jazz musicians). We truly enjoyed the time spent with these great people.

    Thank you so much Charles and Suzana for the wonderful session! We wish you all the best for your next adventure! :)


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    Australia Trip

    Merry & Bright

    Finally we have come to the final days of this year. 2013 has been a good year to us and we would like to thank our families, friends, clients, vendors, and everyone in our team who have helped us deliver a wonderful job. Now with some new fun and creative talents, our team is more solid than ever. We can’t wait to show you more of our finest works next year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014 everyone. May your days be merry and bright :)

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